An open letter to Senator Patty Murray about ACTA

An open letter to Senator Patty Murray about ACTA

Senator Murray,

I’m a resident of Seattle and I’m concerned about ACTA.

This treaty will not reduce copyright infringement. What it will do is encourage countries around the world, including our own country, to pass laws stifling free speech, freedom to run legal software on hardware they own and to prevent “the progress of science and useful arts”.

The world needs more protection for fair use. For decades the barriers towards creating, copying and modifying works have gone down and we have only seen more art created from this, not less. Reducing copyright terms, increasing fair use protections and allowing artists to profit from their remixes will result in more and better art created, not less.

I ask you as a content creator and a human being that has benefited from the cultural commons we share today: Please don’t support ACTA and call upon President Obama to scrap this treaty today.