On Siri replacing human interaction

On Siri replacing human interaction

Recently some people suggested that the only reason why people are excited about Siri is because it allows them to avoid human interaction.

Personally I don’t think that people should be doing the kinds of things that we an easily automate with voice recognition. It’s boring, menial work that waste the few moments we have here on earth.

Do you really want to pay people to sit in cubicles, listen to people say “remind me to pick up lint rollers” and set reminders in people’s calendars for them? Or tell them where they can buy a coke without running afoul of the law in new york? What about connecting a call with their proctologist?

We’re building devices to deal with all the lame, boring shit in life. Of which there is a lot. It will take a long time, but if there is some annoying thing you have to do that can be automated, it will be barring some law put in place to protect the interests of those potentially put out of a job by software.

Fuck boring. We have the most amazing pattern matching computers in our heads, and we pay hundreds of thousands of people to Google “how to I fix my piece of shit dell” for them on the phone.

Humans have better things to be doing than dealing with all of the boring crappy things we do in life. Ever single minute we’re that much closer to dying. And you’re worried about people missing out on human interaction because instead of typing something into a phone, or writing down something on a note or on their hand, they tell their phone “siri, please remind me to do this because I have so many awesome things going on I can’t keep track right now”?

Fuck all of that. I don’t want to spend a minute more than I have to with the bullshit in life. I want to live my life. Not tell some person that doesn’t want to be my personal assistant to keep my shit together (assuming I ever get absurdly high enough on the food chain to be able to make someone pay for one). I want a computer to do it. A computer that doesn’t have feelings. That doesn’t want to be drinking with their friends. A machine that doesn’t weep at the realization that they’re spending 8-12 hours of their day, 5-6 days a week, doing something that could be done