A short chat about filesharing

A short chat about filesharing

Downloading songs illegally is not protected by the first — with Nick.


Kenneth: Still illegal

Nick: You’ll protect me right?

Kenneth: Nope

Samuel Levine: Sodomy was illegal in many states, but I don’t think the laws prevented any buttsex.

Nick: YEAH! Thanks Sam!

Nick: Buttsex! In your face Ken!

Samuel Levine: lol

Kenneth: If the owner of the rights of the file you are sharing says you can share it…then it isn’t illegal

Nick :‎1928

Kenneth: I won’t even touch the buttsex comment…apples and oranges. Two (or more) consenting adults applies to both however.

Nick: ‎+428 songs

Samuel Levine: I think it applies. I see artists breaking copyright law, ensuring they can’t profit from their works, and despite the heavy hand of government they still make amazing art that I and others can enjoy. They are far more at risk of lawsuit from copyright holders than people that simply share their music with friends and they do it anyway.

The laws don’t prevent artists from making art, you think they’re going to stop a poor college student from downloading an album? A teenager that works at mcdonalds? Our copyright laws are out of synch with how artists think, with how the public thinks, with how kids think, and in many cases the kids don’t even realize they or the artists they love are breaking the law.

Samuel Levine: Music is like sex. You can ban it, but people will keep doing it with other people.

Nick: ‎:’) I just had this “proud to be an American” moment reading that