This is your tax dollars at work Seattle

This is your tax dollars at work Seattle

Tonight I have to ask why.

Why were over 20 Seattle police officers required to arrest 3 homeless people squatting in a house that had been unoccupied for years? The police found no drugs, no weapons, just some people trying to stay warm in the winter.

Why was a firetruck and at least 5 firemen called in to board up one door with particle board?

Why did the police reply to questions about why they were there with answers like “because the owner called us in to kick out the people here, ugh! you can’t refute that!”.

Why did police turn bright lights into the eyes of the press before, during the arrests and while they left?

Why was this done in the middle of the night? Do the police require the cover of darkness to operate?

Why do we think that we can just sweep away our problems and they will just go away?