Give a damn about your fellow man

Give a damn about your fellow man

I give a damn. I care about you. Yes, you personally. Really.

If you’re young, I want you to be able to get an education without going into debt you can’t pay off. I want your life’s work to be something that you decide, not the fate that put you where you were born. I want us to put as much effort into the first two years of our children’s lives as we put into the military, because the energy they bring to our country when they grow up is more important than then energy we import from overseas.

Should you be not so young and working, I want to help keep you in a job and make it possible for you to get promoted or get a raise. I want you to be able to take time to be with your family. I want you to be able to take a vacation. Our lives are meant for working, but they are also meant for living. Ignoring how we live for what we produce prevents us from seeing what to produce and why we live.

For the millions of people that are out of work or just barely getting in underemployment I want you to be able to meet your potential. We have so much than can be done in this country, there is no need for people to be stuck in misery. We can make this country better. Those that don’t have the skills we need can be retrained, because we’ve invested so much in educating them in the first place. Poverty does not enrich us.

If you’re middle aged I want you to be able to put your kids through college. I want you to be able to afford to retire. You should be able to spend time with your children as they grow up and help make them better people. You shouldn’t be forced into early retirement because your employer doesn’t have enough work and no one in your industry wants to hire someone that wants a wage that can support them and their families.

Seniors, you deserve much love too. We wouldn’t be here without you and many of you literally saved the world. But please don’t support cutting what makes possible the success of the next generation in hopes that it will protect your retirement. Because without us succeeding we can’t support you in your old age.

The sick should be cared for. It’s expensive. Really, horribly and annoyingly expensive. We have to work to make it more affordable for everyone. This isn’t an easy task, but we can work together to make it possible for everyone to worry about getting to their child’s next play instead of the nagging pain they can’t afford to have looked at.

We have so many problems, and so many solutions. The first step to tackling them is giving a damn about one another.