Springtime in America

Springtime in America

I dislike the term “American Spring” (or any season you care to attach to it). Thousands of people in the middle east are dying for the right to vote. We just have a crappy economy because some banks decided to play fast and loose with our money. The scale of our hardships aren’t the same.

This being said, there is a real a catharsis happening in the streets right now. We’ve gone through the hardest decade since the 40s. We’ve seen American power at it’s worst, we’ve seen healthcare and education costs skyrocket and we’ve seen all but the minimum action from our government to deal with the economic problems we face. People are angry and they’re trying to express their grievances.

Yesterday over 10,000 people marched in New York City to protest the lack of direction in our country, the hardships we face and many other issues. These aren’t people that put us in this position (that would be big banks), but they may be part of the solution.

Amazingly 10,000 might be a low estimate (36,000 was thrown about by various estimators), but an accurate count was made difficult after the police ordered the press out of many of the areas where protesters were and even closed the airspace in the local area, preventing news helicopters from covering the story. They seized cameras from protesters and the press and confiscated the memory on them. None the less, thanks to diligent efforts of many protesters and the press have shown us some inspiring footage of this event.

Why are they marching? Times are hard and we want to make things better. A better question might be why aren’t you marching? You can vote and you have the right to make your voice heard to the people we elect to run the government. People already died for your rights, don’t let their deaths be in vain by never using the precious rights we all have.

So go out. Go out into the rain. Go out into the snow. And when that snow melts go out into the the twilight and march as spring dawns in America. March and speak and tell everyone the good news. We are going to save America, because America is too big to fail.