“Can’t Raid This Rage” protest in Seattle

“Can’t Raid This Rage” protest in Seattle

Last night a group of about 80 protesters marched and rallied in downtown Seattle, capitol hill and the central district:

From the protest’s Facebook page:

“This demonstration is a show of collective rage and disgust at the cops and their naked attempts at intimidation. Their actions are meant to spread fear; may they spread strength instead.

Early morning, June 10, SWAT police forced their way into the Seattle apartment of several organizers from the Occupy movement. The sleeping individuals, two residents and two visitors, scrambled to put on clothes as they were confronted by officers holding drawn tactical rifles.”

It was a strange evening. Dozens of police on bikes, three police cruisers, two police SUVs and a paddy wagon followed both from behind and about a block to the side of the march. Several people in black bloc attire entered the march once it reached the central district, and these people were quickly accused of being people the protesters didn’t know. This turned into the crowd yelling accusations that they were undercover cops and that they should leave.

Meanwhile the message itself was as varied as those that attended. Some were interested in making fun of both the Seattle police department and the LA police department, with a container of chalk on a bicycle labeled: “Anarchist Materials”:

(photo by Alex Garland)

Others chanted “We don’t want no pork; We are vegan” and “Fry Pigs in Grease”. Still others made reference to Fahrenheit 451 and suggested that the local constabulary start raiding libraries if they were interested in finding the tools used by anarchists.

The point of the whole thing as summarized by Phillip Neel, one of the people living in the house that had the search warrant served by the SPD, was that: “The SPD tried to punch through a swarm of bees… Now we attack back… We give out free food every Sunday, that’s an attack. We’re having a free arts and music festival on Jefferson Park, that’s an attack… and they’re scared of that shit”.