Torrent Trackers are the Public Library of Today.

Torrent Trackers are the Public Library of Today.

The world has a great many problems. War, famine, disease, bone crushing poverty and harsh political systems are just a few of the problems many humans face.

What we do not face, however, is a lack of content. Thousands of books, movies, songs, blog posts and more are created. Some for profit, others for fun, still others for religious or political reasons.

So much content is created that a person with marginal Internet access and an 8 year old computer could conceivably spend the better part of their lives trying to get through all of it.

Non-commercial copyright infringement allows an otherwise poor child to learn that they love The Beatles and want to make their own music, or that they can create art using the same software as design professionals, or read books that inspire them to write something themselves.

It allows teenagers to make something trivial out of a tool that was designed for serious use, serious professionals a chance to try something outside of their specialty and adults to learn to love comic books.

It allows us to take content, change it and make something different from it.

Public libraries ensured that the poor and middle classes had access to some of the wealth of information created as technology and law combined to encourage massive creation of content. They helped level the playing field and create more people to create and consume the very content given to them for free.

Allowing people to do what they do naturally, share, will help us do the same today and in the future. It will not destroy war or poverty, but it will make us all richer just the same.