Hitting people that don’t consent is violence

Hitting people that don’t consent is violence

I’ve seen some footage and photos of protesters attacking press in Seattle on May Day. It’s bullshit. And dumb. Even if you’re a well read, thoughtful window breaker that has a really good reason for wanting to smash capitalism. Attacking the press at a public rally with thousands of people because they are recording you is pointless. Everyone has a camera phone. You can’t stop the coverage. If you want privacy, try doing something away from a thousand people with iPhones.

The press can choose what to focus on. They have hours of video to produce every day. They have pages of content that must be published every day. Do you really want to make an enemy out of MSNBC? How about King5? The Seattle Times? The Stranger? They all have reasons for publishing things that have to do with money. But usually, deep within their hearts, they want to tell people the truth. And the truth is things are very messed up in this country.

They aren’t the enemy. If they are made the enemy the amount of bad propaganda we’ve seen so far will seem like glowing coverage.

In any event, for the people that care to see the truth please check out the following links:

Attacking a photographer for the Seattle PI:

Attacking a cameraman for King 5:

Trying to steal a camera from a cameraman:

It’s possible that more occurred. This is just stuff I found in a few minutes of googling a couple days after May Day. Which, all in all, was great. I’m glad to see lots of people out in the streets using their 1st amendment rights. I look forward to joining them in the future. You should as well. Unemployment sucks. Banks are making tons of money while working under mostly the same set of regulations that the last financial crisis had. The climate is still in trouble if we don’t do something now.

None of this matches up to the bullshit the police pulled on May Day. No protesters beat up 15 year old children, arrested innocent bystanders not involved in occupy or photographers trying to document the actions of the day. But the battle to see what is in front of our faces is a constant struggle, and ignoring the violent actions of misguided people does not help this movement.