They Matter

They Matter

On April 20th 2013 activists staged a youth lead march and rally against global warming. Called the “Seattle iMatter Now Earth Day March!”, young people spoke out against climate change, marched in the streets and locked arms as a train drove by, symbolic of their willingness to put their bodies on the line to stop the export of coal.

There were lots of drums, kites, animal hats, banners and a giant fish. One of the organizers of the event, the Backbone Campaign, practices “artful activism”. This strategy of dressing creatively to get the attention of the press and onlookers can look a little odd on adults at times, but on children the look works without any double takes.

Many children spoke out on a variety of topics, some very eloquently. Between coal exports, the KXL pipeline, financialization of the economy to protecting wetlands the kids hit a large number of topics. Adults spoke out as well, including an organizer from Idle No More Washington and several from the Backbone Campaign.

Many groups helped organize this event, some of which include:

iMatter Youth Movement.
The Backbone Campaign.
Idle No More Washington.
GMOP (Get Money Out of Politics) Seattle.