Send it Up There: fighting to free Leonard Peltier

Send it Up There: fighting to free Leonard Peltier

In Tacoma on 2/8/2014 three generations of activists participated in a march and rally to free Leonard Peltier. Besides holding signs and chanting many practiced traditional drumming, songs and prayers.

In 1977 Leonard Peltier was convicted of the murder of two FBI agents at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Activists at the rally in Tacoma alternately contended that he never shot the FBI agents, that he shot them in self defense, and that they acted aggressively in a war zone where people were fighting for their lives against thugs hired by the local government on the reservation.

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James OldCoyote, leader of the Sacred Water Canoe Family said that their ancestors “… went through hell. They suffered, they got murdered … so in that way we want to send it up there to the creator”.

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AIM has been a movement of Native Americans devoted towards maintaining their traditions and way of life. Many speakers at the rally in Tacoma linked the imprisonment of Leonard Peltier with attempts to prevent them from practicing their faith or to drive them from their lands to take mineral rights.