Open letter to my congressman on CISPA

Open letter to my congressman on CISPA

Representative McDermott,

I am a voter in the 7th congressional district and live in Seattle.

I’ve read that CISPA is nearing a vote in congress. This is yet another attempt to impose a regime of monitoring and surveillance more appropriate for red china than the US.

We don’t need more laws allowing the communications of US citizens to be intercepted by third parties. Computer security threats are not a problem to be solved by reading all our e-mail. They are a problem with software development or deployment.

Instead of working with Internet companies to try to monitor our communications without warrants, we should be working with computer software and hardware makers to develop products that are secure from day 1, and with their customers to ensure that they deploy bug fixes and secure their networks.

We usually won’t catch hackers. When we do (see the recent Anonymous and Lulzsec hackers caught by the FBI) it will be because they were technically incompetent. We don’t have this luxury against the Chinese and Russians. Monitoring the entire Internet for something we don’t know what it looks like is technically impossible, and even if we did have an indication that something was wrong, it would be too late to secure the millions of unpatched and poorly configured computers and networks across the country.

CISPA is bad for civil liberties. It is bad for security. It is bad for our country. I encourage you to stand up against this bill.