March against war and sanctions on Iran (02/04/2012)

March against war and sanctions on Iran (02/04/2012)

Today about 70 people rallied against war and sanctions on Iran at Westlake Park in Seattle and marched to the offices of KIRO-TV near Seattle Center in Belltown.

From the event description posted on Facebook:

“Join us in visible street protest to say no to U.S. war on Iran. Protests planned in over 30 cities so far. Take a minute and read the call for mass action below and spread the word quickly.

NO war NO sanctions on Iran – NO intervention NO assassinations in Iran

In many ways, U.S. war on Iran has already begun.

The United States and Israel, both of which have nuclear weapons, say they will stop at nothing to keep Iran from having a nuclear program, even though the U.S. Secretary of Defense says Iran won’t have nuclear capability anytime soon.

The U.S. has begun harsh economic sanctions that can destroy the Iranian economy, and the lives of millions of Iranians through depriving them of food, medicine and electricity. Either the U.S. or Israel is killing Iranian scientists in car bombings. U.S. surveillance drones are flying over Iran, in violation of its sovereignty. 3 U.S. carrier groups are right off Iran’s shore. And secret U.S. commando operations are in the country.

Will we allow another U.S. war based on lies?

Iraq is devastated from decades of U.S. military intervention and sanctions that took the lives of hundreds of thousands of children, and led to 4.5 million people being driven from their homes. Afghanistan, the poorest country in the world, is being destroyed by the richest.

Let the whole world see that we will not let the U.S. rain death, destruction and devastation onto yet another country and further inflame a dire situation in the Middle East. One thing we know is that when people stand up together to resist the crimes of their government like the courageous protesters of the Arab Spring and the Occupy movement, something beautiful can emerge.”

Among the speakers were several US veterans, talking about their experiences in the military and asking that we avoid making the same mistakes made in Iraq. Several civilian activists talked about US interventions and mentioned the fact that Iran has never started a war with another country. The large amount of US forces in the region and the potential deaths caused by sanctions were a concern for several of the speakers.

The protesters marched on 4th avenue, turning onto Denny Way and eventually made their way to the KIRO-TV station. A speakout was held, a young girl spoke about how “even a small person can make a change in the world”, several Iranian Americans spoke about their families back in Iran, with one mentioning if the US invades Iran “Iran will bury you”. No shoes were used to punctuate this point, unfortunately.

Video from the event includes:

Update (10:15pm) more video of the speakout in front of KIRO-TV has been posted: